Govan Urban Lab (6th September 2019)

Memory of Water’s first international urban lab in Govan (the second one is scheduled for June 2020) took place in Film City which is located in the magnificent (and fairly newly refurbished) old Govan Town Hall. The organisation running the building now rents offices, production and post-production spaces to creative media companies ( Our urban lab was a hugely successful full day of exploration of the main themes of Memory of Water.  read more

Govan Research Residency 2 – 8 September 2019

Govan has both prehistoric and historic roots. The River Clyde flowing through its midst was essential to its development. At the confluence of the rivers Kelvin and Clyde, Govan was always an important fording point. Later it was a ferry route (after the river was dredged and embanked to allow ocean-going ships to dock in the heart of the city). Further down river was Merlin’s ford, whose mythologically-inspired name takes us into another era when Govan was part of the Brythonic Kingdom of Strathclyde (5th century AD) which fought the Vikings for control of this vital trade route and meeting point. Read more

Govan Local Urban Laboratory – 1 May 2019

The first Govan Local Lab: Wednesday1st May 2019 exploring the themes of Memory of Water and trying to discover what are the possibilities and limitations of the artist interventionist approach to planning and policy making on post industrial heritage zones.

What better qualified group could we have chosen to interrogate this question than a group of PhD participatory action researchers wanting to make a real difference in their community/community of interest?. Twenty researchers from all over Scotland joined Govan artists, activists urban planners and media artists to explore together, share ideas, findings, problems, issues and barriers. Read more

Kick- offmeeting Ostend 28- 30 November 2018


Kick- offmeeting Ostend 28- 30 November 2018

Report 28th of November 2018

Present: Mary Conlon, Mary Conroy, Iwona Preis, Jonas Myrstrand, Magdalena Zakrzewska-Duda, Dorota Hryniewicz, Roman Sebastyanski, Agnieszka Wolodzko, Martine Meire, Virginie Michils, Gretel Vanmeert, Siegfried Vynck, Skarlas Lampros, Rafika Eleni Saouis, Liz Gardiner, Tara Beall  Read more

Govan Local Lab – 27 June 2019

The River Clyde has the label “post industrial” in the 21st Century, as vast swathes of derelict land peppered with fading ship building and other industrial infrastructure compete with crumbling quay walls and silted basins to ensure the image is decaying heritage rather than future building. Turning the Tide On the Clyde is a Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative project designed to address how the River and Firth of Clyde could be better connected and more active as a diverse maritime region. Read more

Levadia 2nd Artists Residency 15 -20 April 2019

The Lore of Water: 15-20 April 2019 in Levadia, Greece

Tuesday 16 April, 7-8pm

Open door at Neromylos: the Memory of Water artists are delighted to be back in Levadia! We are looking forward to reconnecting with the citizens and communities we met in January and to making new friends this week through the artistic actions and co-creations along the River Erkyna. This is a casual get together – so please come along and say hi.Read more

Levadia 1st Artists Residency 29 January – 2 February 2019

Funded by Creative Europe and partner cities, Memory of Water, a six city artist led collaboration focused on post industrial Waterfront Heritage zones started in July 2018 and will continue for two years. The purpose is to engage local communities in post-industrial cities – Gdansk, Gothenburg, Govan, Levadia, Limerick and Ostend – sharing and informing the regeneration process. What does it mean to be a ‘post-industrial’ location? How can the reclamation of lost, ignored or disregarded histories empower local people to imagine and create a different future for themselves?  Read more

Govan Local Lab – 8 June 2019 

The second Govan Local Lab took place on Saturday 8th June 2019 with funding from various partners including Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative, Govan Docks Regeneration Trust, Creative Europe and the Universities of Strathclyde and the West of Scotland. Twinned with a matching event in Gdańsk where students from the Architecture Department of Gdańsk University of Technology took on the task of revisioning the future of the shipyard, third year architecture students from the University of Strathlyde took on the matching task of revisioning the future of Govan’s Graving Docks. Read more

Gdansk City Lab 2 – 14 March 2019

Sharing visions on the development of YOUNG CITY (MLODE MIASTO) was the main topic of the second meeting within CITY LABS’ programme of„Memory of Water” project (MemoryofWater-EU Creative Europe). It took place on 14 March 2019 in the Old Town Hall in Gdansk (the venue of the BSCC).

Our CITY LABS offer the space for public discussion on forms and directions for developing post-shipyard area in Gdansk, taking into consideration its cultural heritage value both tangible and intangible. This proces, initiated by people connected to art, culture and science fits , so popular in Europe nowadays, method of culture-led regeneration. Read more

Gdansk City Lab 1 – 26 January 2019

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre is proud to launch the public debate STOCZNIA OD NOWA (Shipyard Anew) in Gdańsk: collecting dreams for a new vision.

Under this slogan STOCZNIA OD NOWA, a group of independent artists and cultural activists in Gdańsk want to jointly develop a complex social vision for the regeneration of post-industrial shipyard waterfronts, in conjunction with the Creative Europe Memory of Water project and local partner, the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. This process is seen as the legacy of the long-term activities of Kolonia Artystów (Colony of Artists) in the former Gdańsk Shipyard area.  Read more