Limerick, Ireland

Ormston House is a meeting place for the arts in the heart of Limerick City. This grassroots institution delivers artist-led and community-focused programmes including The Museum of Mythological Water Beasts about, along and on the River Shannon.

For Memory of Water, Ormston House will host the Artists’ Gathering to reflect on and evaluate the project through a series of contextualised discussions followed by a public presentation to local, national and international stakeholders. During the Residency Programme, Limerick-based artist Mary Conroy will research the environmental and ecological context of each River City connecting with citizen groups and communities.

Co-Director Mary Conlon will act as Artistic Director to support all of the artists throughout the process and delivery of collaborative interventions in Greece, Poland and Scotland.

Memory of Water is particularly timely for the Irish partner as the 10-acre Cleeves Riverside Campus is currently in master planning.

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