City Lab 2 / 14.03.2019

Sharing visions on the development of YOUNG CITY (MLODE MIASTO) was the main topic of the second meeting within CITY LABS’ programme of„Memory of Water” project (MemoryofWater-EU Creative Europe). It took place on 14 March 2019 in the Old Town Hall in Gdansk (the venue of the BSCC).

Our CITY LABS offer the space for public discussion on forms and directions for developing post-shipyard area in Gdansk, taking into consideration its cultural heritage value both tangible and intangible. This proces, initiated by people connected to art, culture and science fits , so popular in Europe nowadays, method of culture-led regeneration.

At the last meeting, the debate’s participants were representatives of the post-shipyard area property owners and developers, cultural heritage institutions and organisations, public cultural institutions and academia.

CITY LABS are the work-in -progress: we are documenting the discussions and summerising them. The blog (in Polish) which reflects this proces will be launched in April.

Please find below the programme of the last meeting:

JAKIE MŁODE MIASTO? / WHAT YOUNG CITY? The session on sharing visions
Introduction to the project „Memory of Water” by:
 Magda Zakrzewska-Duda, The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre: The Project Overview
 Roman Sebastyański, University of the West of Scotland: Urban Labs
 Agnieszka Wołodźko, independent artist and curator: Art residencies

 Krzysztof Sobolewski, Shipyard City: „Shipyard City”
 Dr Krzysztof Król, Ultra Relations: „Młode Miasto (Young City)”
 Prof. Jacek Dominiczak, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk: „Order in Space’
 Prof. Grzegorz Klaman, „Wyspa” Art Institute: „Art in transformations and the New Life of the Post-shipyard Area.
 Dr Waldemar Affelt, ICOMOS, Chief Conservation Comission, Comittee for the History of Science and Technology PAN: „The Preserve the Memory of the Place”
 Dr Marek Barański, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk: „Social Spaces”
 Dr Piotr Samól, Gdansk Technical University: The Heritage of Young City as a Factor in the Future Development of This Area”
 Tomasz Błyskosz, National Institute for Heritage: We don’t Want an Outdoor Museum!
 Janusz Lipiński, former head of Synergia 99: Substitutional Memory in the Process of the Spacial Symbolization
 Anna Szynwelska, Centre for Contemporary Art“Łaźnia”: Art. In Public Spaces.
 Anna Maria Mydlarska, European Solidarity Centre: Story of Shipyard (films and documents by European Solidarity Centre)
 Piotr Wyszomirski, „Pomysłodalnia” and Pomoranian Council for Culture: „’Culture as an Engine for Development”



City Lab 1 / 26.01.2019

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre is proud to launch the public debate STOCZNIA OD NOWA (Shipyard Anew) in Gdańsk: collecting dreams for a new vision.


Under this slogan STOCZNIA OD NOWA, a group of independent artists and cultural activists in Gdańsk want to jointly develop a complex social vision for the regeneration of post-industrial shipyard waterfronts, in conjunction with the Creative Europe Memory of Water project and local partner, the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre. This process is seen as the legacy of the long-term activities of Kolonia Artystów (Colony of Artists) in the former Gdańsk Shipyard area.

The first meeting, in the form of a City Lab initiating open public debate on this vision, took place in Luks Sfera photo atelier in the shipyard area on Saturday night 26 January. In line with  culture-led regeneration  methodologies, interested stakeholders are invited to participate in the coming weeks and months – among them city activists, as well as representatives of public authorities at state and local level, post-shipyard area property owners and developers. This process will result in raising social awareness of the great value of cultural heritage in the post-shipyard area which should be reflected in development plans.

The City Lab moderated by Roman Sebastyanski gathered 20 participants and was comprised of two parts: firstly, a series of short presentations by participants which referred to their dream solutions for the regeneration of the former Gdańsk Shipyard area; and secondly, an open discussion at a  pop-up exhibition of artworks referring to the shipyard, curated by Agnieszka Wolodzko and featuring films by Iwona Zając, Dorota Nieznalska and Roman Sebastyanski, a model installation by Dorota Nieznalska, and drawings by Agnieszka Wolodzko.

The dreams collected during the gathering will serve as the foundation for building an alternative, creative vision for the development of the post-shipyard area.