The 1stArtists’ Residency in Levadia (28 January – 2 February) focused on a first and in depth acquaintance of artists with the city and its people. The artists during their first residency had the opportunity to discover different sources of inspiration for their artistic proposal.

The 2ndresidency had as a main objective the artistic intervention of the participating artists for the elevation of the river Erkyna and the space along the river as well as to show that the river is a vital element for the development of the city.

There was a positive footprint from the residency in the city.

The works of the artists were in full reference to the river and they achieved to create works of artistic value and to draw the attention of the citizens to the river.

A very positive outcome during the artists’ residency in Levadia is the fact that strong relations and new friendships have been created between the artists and citizens. This communication still remains vivid through the internet.

A very high percentage of people rewards artists, and a significant percentage feels the need to say ‘Thank you’ to them.

A short reference to the artistic works:

Vynck’s Erkyna has a great impact, as it was expected, due to the quality and size of the project.