Watch this moving account, made by Jonas Myrstrand, of pre COVID-19 Govan when the Memory of Water team came to Govan, met our amazing community and were blown away by the love, teamwork, resilience and courage in adversity. Just watch!! That spirit will pull Govan and Europe through post COVID-19 too. We miss each other and we long for the re-opening…

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Upcoming Events

Our June 2020 production residency, (scheduled for Govan) like everything else in the world, was postponed due to Covid19.
It will now be delivered in a 'blended' format: designed remotely by our Memory of Water artists, who are developing their individual responses to the constraints brought on
by Covid-19, with the physical production being carried out by a collaboration of Fablevision staff, local stakeholders, and local community groups.






Govan Pivot

Over the next two months, a series of public art projects will be happening across Govan, Glasgow, as part of Fablevision’s role in Memory of Water. These six productions will be designed by an artist in Scotland and five European artists remotely. The projects will include a music production, mural painting, printed work, stencilling, performance, and filming.

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Past events