Introducing Memory of Water

Memory of Water (2018-2020) is an artist-led project exploring post-industrial waterfront heritage in the context of community development and urban planning. Over two years, the participating partners from six countries will collaborate on twenty-three interconnected activities including four City Labs, six international residencies, and a filmed documentary. Memory of Water is led by Swedish partner Intercult with Stad Ostend in Belgium, the Municipality of Levadia in Greece, Nadbaltyckie Centrum Kultury in Poland, Fablevision in Scotland, and Ormston House in Ireland.

Coming Events

Gdansk second artistic residency (14 to 19 October 2019)    

Memory of Water: Shipyard Anew

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre will host the second artistic residency curated by Agnieszka Wołodźko and produced by Katarzyna Szewciów and Veronika Uziak for the Creative Europe project, Memory of Water. Artists from Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Scotland and Sweden will carry out artistic actions and interventions related to local cultural heritage: the former Gdańsk Shipyard will be both the subject and location of their work.

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  •    In Levadia              

Research Residency                                  Partner Meeting                                       Digital Lab

Production Residency                              Agenda                                                     Artists Works               Photo Gallery


  •       In Govan               

Govan Urban Lab (6th September 2019)                Govan Local Urban Laboratory (1st May 2019)                        Govan Local Lab (2)

Govan Local Lab (3)                                                   Govan – Research Residency 2nd-8th September 2019             Photo Gallery



  •      In Gdansk                

Gdansk second artistic residency (14 to 19 October 2019)           City Lab 2 – 14 March 2019                 City Lab 1 – 26 January 2019

Photo Gallery


  •        In Ostende                

Info about Ostend                              Ostend projects                       Kick-off meeting 28- 30 November 2018

Photo Gallery






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